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The Texas Hold’em tournaments require a rather different strategy than the one used in cash games, especially if you are playing against online poker cheats. The main differences are that in tournaments, you have to pay once an entry fee, whereas, in the cash games, in each poker game you have to contribute with money for your bets. Another difference is that in the tournaments, the blinds will not stay the same, like in the cash games, but they will constantly rise, so you can’t simply wait forever for a good hand to play. That’s why you must also learn how to steal the blinds, which can help you survive during the tournaments.

In fact, the only goal within the PokerStars tournaments is survival: you must try to survive for as long as you can; if you survive long enough, you’re going to share the prizes and, if you’ll be the last player to survive, you’ll be the winner of the tournament.

Tournaments require you to focus over the game for long periods of time. You need to pay attention to the game all the time, as a momentary lapse might lead you to do mistakes you otherwise wouldn’t do and you will lose the game.

One good strategy is that you play very tight early in the game. You don’t bluff and you play just the good cards. Bluffing is expensive at this point of the game as the other players will call you relatively often and as such you will lose more money that you will win. Later in the game, as the blinds get higher, you will not get the chance of waiting for the good hands anymore, so you will have to use whatever hands you get and as such, you’ll be forced to bluff. A reputation of a tight player that you built early in the game might also be useful at this part.

You should choose how many hands you play by the number of games which you can play, taking in consideration the cost the blinds and your bankroll. If the number of games you can play without winning anything is more than 20, you can play very conservatively and wait for a good hand. If you are playing against absolute poker cheating pros, then you need to play less. If this number is getting lower toward 15, you should play more aggressively and try to steal as many blinds as you can. If it gets even lower, you should consider yourself into a PokerStar danger zone and try to play loose and if your number gets around 5 and you think you can really win the round, don’t hesitate to go all in.

Online Casino Bonuses

If you’re playing on an online casino you should definitely make sure that you take advantage of the online casino bonuses. There are numerous Bonus Codes that you can benefit from on most online casinos and we’re going to take a look at each one of the bonuses out there that you can use. Some of these bonuses won’t always be available, but for the most part you’ll be able to find each of these bonuses being offered in one of the many online casinos.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is when the casino offers you a small amount of free money which you can use to test out the games in the casino. No deposit bonuses usually range from $5-$25 and are usually only offered by smaller online casinos looking to increase there player base. These small bonuses are great for new players who don’t have any money to start playing for real money on there own yet.
First Deposit Bonus

Every US online casino offers a new player making there first deposit a bonus for depositing into the casino. The bonuses range between casinos and some offer much better bonuses then other casinos, but I’ll leave that up to you to find the best bonus. All bonuses also have betting requirements which you’ll need to meet so make sure you read them before depositing into the casino.
Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are offered in some online casinos during random times for loyal players. Once you become a member in an online casino you should keep checking there website for reload bonuses being offered. A reload bonus adds a percentage of free money on top of the amount you deposit.
Referral Bonus

If you have friends who are looking to find an online casino such as as well then you’ll be able to refer them to the casino and make some extra money for your bankroll. These refer a friend bonuses are generally around $100 per player so if you got the friends to refer you might as well do it.
Freeroll Tournaments

Freeroll tournaments are generally offered by poker rooms, but many online casinos are offering them to attract new players in slots and blackjack. Look out for these promotions from casinos so that you can participate in them for free with a chance of winning money for your bankroll.

These are some great bonuses and promotions which most online casinos offer there players. If you’re going to be playing in an online poker room, get the latest Party Poker Download and take the bonuses which are offered to you so that you can earn a few extra bucks. The online casino industry is super competitive and this means that the casinos need to offer players bonuses and promotions to get them to join there casino over the rest. We get to take advantage of this competition and add some free money to our pockets. Remember that most bonuses from casinos have betting requirements and you’ll want to find out what they are so you know what you need to do to clear your bonus.

Online Casino Tips

When you’re playing in an online casino you should make sure that you take into account some of the tips that I’m going to point out to you in this article. More and more online casinos have been opening up there doors the past few years and it’s important that you spend some time researching the online casino before choosing to play in it.

Even though you can play in an online casino you need to first make sure that you can legally gamble in your country. If you can’t gamble then you’re not legally going to be able to use an online casino and you should avoid doing so.

Always do your homework on the online casino that you’re choosing to use beforehand to ensure that they are a trusted online casino. Make sure you read some reviews of the online blackjack casino and make sure there aren’t any negative reviews of the online casino. Trust me there are some online casinos you want to steer clear of so do your homework before depositing your money.

Learn what payment methods you can use in your country and find out what methods the online casino you want to use have. Find one that you can use and set-up your account without limitations so you can send and accept money without any problems.

Customer supports is one of the most important features at Golden Casino and when you need help and can’t contact anyone it really blows. You should test of the customer support before you deposit into the online casino just to see how long it takes for them to respond to your messages.

Most online casinos offer bonuses for new players, but these bonuses also have certain betting requirements which you need to meet. Make sure you read all of the bonus requirements from the casino website you’re playing on before depositing and using your own money.

Learn the rules of the games you want to play before playing them because you don’t want to interrupt other players in the casino. This is important for multiplayer games which are played in the casino like blackjack and such.

Set a budget that you can spend each month on your online casino and never go over that amount. Also make sure you withdraw winnings when you win and don’t just give all of your winnings back to the casino over the course of the month by playing more then usual.

The most important tip you can have when playing at GoldenCasino is to ensure that you’re having fun and enjoying yourself. Don’t count on making money because when you don’t you’ll be depressed. Just focus on having fun and when you do win money count it as an extra bonus that you weren’t counting on anyways.

The above tips are great for new players who are looking to join an online casino such as golden casino. You won’t always land on a trustworthy webpage either so always read reviews and such information from a variety of sources so you can get a clear picture of the casino you want to play in before every playing in it.

Paroli Betting System in Blackjack

The Paroli System of Betting in Blackjack is a system where you press your bet when you win. Unlike the Martingale system where you press and chase your losses, the Paroli System utilizes your profits to get over when you are ahead of the game. A system of this nature can be dangerous if the blackjack player fails to exercise prudent bankroll management skills.

How the Paroli Betting System Works

In the online casinos Paroli Betting System, You start your bet with one unit. If you win the first bet, then your second bet is the first bet plus your winnings. If you win the second bet, then your third bet is the second bet plus the winnings from that. At any time that you lose, you start the next bet at one unit. As you can see, this system works exactly the opposite of the Martingale system, as you double your bets upon a loss to “chase back” your winnings.

Example of the Paroli Betting System

We start at an online blackjack table where the minimum bet is one and the maximum is one hundred. We decide we will implement the Paroli System of betting. Our opening bet is one and we win. We press the bet, as our next bet is two. Should we win the second bet, we take our winnings of four and press them to bet five (our original bet plus the winnings). If we win the next bet, we bet eleven and so on.

While see how winnings can add up, let us look at the Paroli system in a more realistic situation. Again, min one and max one-hundred blackjack table. We open with our initial bet of one and lose. Our bankroll currently sits one bet down. We bet a second time, again placing a bet of one. We bust and are now down two bets. We bet a third time, but this time we win. We are down only one bet now. Our next bet is for two units, which we also win and we stand at a profit of one. We bet again, this time wagering the profit of two from our previous bet plus our original bet of one. Again, we win and we are now up four bets.

As you can see, the Paroli Betting System has a lower downside risk, while presenting a rather attractive upside reward. Additionally, with this particular black jack strategy, you can choose to reset back to one without having to worry about putting in the stop-loss, as the betting system relies on pressing your winnings to show profit.