Pot Limit Omaha Tips

Over the past couple years pot limit Omaha has become a popular poker game at many online poker rooms and even most land based casinos. If you don’t know how to play Omaha then you should spend a little bit of time reading the rules to Omaha before reading through this guide. We’re going to talk about some tips you need to keep in mind when you’re playing pot limit Omaha. This game is a lot different then Holdem and other poker games so you need to adapt a new strategy if you want to win money.

* One of the biggest things you need to remain in control of when you’re playing pot limit Omaha is the size of the pot. Many players will sit at the poker tables online in pot limit Omaha with a big stack and raise the pots to the maximum allowed amount every hand. It’s not ideal sending your chips in the pot when you don’t have a made hand and you need to try and keep the pot size in control while you’re trying to make your hand. One way to do this is to lead out betting a small amount instead of checking to the player who usually bets big. If they see you have made a bet then they might only call for now to see how you act after the next card.

* Since you can’t really chase every PKR Poker hand you have in pot limit Omaha because you’d go broke you need to determine what draws you’re willing to call before you play. You can’t call down every straight and flush draw because even if it hits it might not be good enough. You should really only chase your flushes and straights when you have the chance of hitting a nut straight or flush.

* If you hit two pairs or trips on the flop at FullTiltPoker.com and you feel you have the best hand at this point because there aren’t any flushes or straights on the board you need to act fast. You can’t afford to give away any free cards because you could easily get outdrawn in the pot when you hold two pairs or trips. Of course you still have the option of hitting a full house, but the percentage isn’t in your favour and it’s best to take the pot down now. Make a big bet in order to make your opponents fold there draws and if you’re called then make sure you keep an eye out for any draws that hit on the turn and river.

* You should never raise the pot pre-flop when you’re playing pot limit Omaha on PokerStars unless you’re playing at the high stakes where the blinds are worth stealing. There is no reason to raise pre-flop in a $1/$2 game because generally 50%+ of the players will call the raise and you don’t have any advantage in the pot pre-flop in Omaha. Your opponent could easily hit a straight or flush on the flop and then your high pocket pair that you raised with isn’t looking to good anymore and you’ll regret raising the pot. Wait until the flop so you can see what options you have before betting out too much money.